press release

The LAB Gallery in association with First Fortnight is proud to present Amazement Insulates Us All/Memento Vivere, an exhibition featuring works by Damien Doyle and George Bolster. Their discussions about art over many years informed their art practice. Doyle’s death in 2010 was a huge personal loss to Bolster who has sought to make sense of it through a number of his text based works. The central conceit of the exhibition, drawn from a piece by Bolster called self erosion, examines the shared lives and experiences of two artists and assesses their collective motivation for being cultural producers, as well as their mutual history of depression.

Amazement Insulates Us All/Memento Vivere features a selection of sculptures by Doyle and Bolster. Doyle’s sculptures/installations range throughout his short career as an artist. They employ everyday, often industrially produced elements. Seemingly functional and recognizable, the sculptures deliberately obfuscate meaning. Doyle felt this disassociation allowed the audience to engage with pure form. Viewers are often left confused as to whether these objects were accidentally left in the gallery by specialised workers, or are actual artworks. Doyle revelled in this duality of intentioned representation and it’s uncanny results. He sought to create a purely visual experience, even though his work uses the language of conceptual art, and the kind of symmetry of line only seen in mass objects produced by machines.

There is a potent contrast between the text works by Bolster in confessional simplistic meaning and the austerity of seemingly impenetrable industrial minimalism of Doyle’s mass-produced forms. This exhibition provides an opportunity for Bolster to combine his art and curatorial practice and is accompanied by an essay by Sara Reisman, Artistic Director of the Shelley & Donald Rubin Foundation in New York City.