press release

Gagosian Gallery is delighted to announce "The Stations of the Cross," a unique collaboration between Damien Hirst and David Bailey.

This work continues Damien Hirst’s fascination with and use of Christian iconography. Hirst has brilliantly incorporated his most recognisable imagery into this set of fourteen large-scale colour photographs, which disturbingly portray the final hours of the life of the condemned Christ.

David Bailey has also exhibited a keen interest in religious iconography in his own photographic work.

This partnership came about through the friendship of the two artists, built over many hours that Bailey has spent photographing Hirst. Together, Bailey and Hirst have produced an engaging and visceral body of provocative images, which transform our speculation and interest in Christian thought in the context of the modern world. Pressetext

Damien Hirst & David Bailey - The Stations of the Cross