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In his paintings of the urban landscape David Korty explores the impact of light on the city's streets, parks and buildings. There is a sense of experimentation in these sensual scenes, a search for how best to convey the peculiarities of the atmosphere. He has become emboldened in his choice of colour, as he paints with brighter and stronger tones. This, coupled with a freer application of paint, adds warmth and a renewed vigour to the fundamental optimism of these paintings. Figures remain, by and large absent, but where they can be seen, scale dictates that they are anonymous miniatures, dwarfed into insignificance by the majesty of their surroundings. An energy reaches the viewers as they are urged into activity; for while the paintings are easy on the eye, devoid of any jarring elements, the eye needs to work, to pick out the figurative from the decorative and steadily absorb the atmosphere of the city. Pressetext

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David Korty