Galerie Valerie Cueto

10-12, rue des Coutures Saint-Gervais
F-75003 Paris

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Through my recent travels and visits of biennials, fairs or galleries, I have noticed that a number of artists have been using and hijacking rough building materials in order to recompose them in constructions suggesting a journey between model and design where the viewer looses himself. I have selected these four artists from different origins and culture, after been touched by the particular sensitivity that their works generate. Starting from plaster, plywood or a chair, these rough materials are being transformed with the help of saws, concrete or through the basic work of hands and fingers into works of poetic changes and absolute purity.

Chris Sauter, born in Texas is going to close up a dividing wall of the gallery with plaster which he will cut up to generate a dining table.

Katrin Sigurdardottir will show a miniature-crooked wall/room, whose ground-plan is based on an island off her native coast of Iceland. There are no doors or windows on the room, but there are electric lights and air vents at regular interval.

The work of the Mexican Jose Dávila, an architect by formation and currently in residence at Kunstwerke in Berlin, builds a relation between space and situation, between fictitious architecture and timelessness. It scrambles the tracks of our daily iconography by diverting materials and the interpretation we have of them. Dávila will construct an in-situ project.

The Italian, Flavio Favelli has begun his artistic career by renovating his house. He can modify the vision of space by customizing objects, therefore disturbing our own perception of the space which contains them. It's a synthesis between construction and sculpture which defines the spirit of this exhibition.


Deconstruction for a construction

mit Jose Davila, Flavio Favelli, Chris Sauter, Katrin Sigurdardottir