press release

Décor: Barbara Bloom, Andrea Fraser, Louise Lawler
at MOCA Pacific Design Center
28.04.2018 - 15.07.2018

Décor: Barbara Bloom, Andrea Fraser, Louise Lawler presents works by Barbara Bloom, Andrea Fraser, and Louise Lawler that play with various methods of the presentation and display of art. The exhibition is centered around Bloom’s rarely seen The Reign of Narcissism (1988-89), a full-scale faux-neoclassical period room dedicated to a fictionalized version of the artist. Replete with crown moldings, gilded chairs, vanity mirrors, and plaster busts of the artist, the installation revels in the slippage between interior decorating and museum display. Videos and photographs by Lawler and Fraser focus on images of art in museums and the typically overlooked architectural details of institutions, with both artists invested in exploring the myriad ways décor—the arrangement of objects in space—carries meaning.

Curator: Rebecca Matalon