press release

19 contemporary artists and artist groups from around the world

Art can take a stand. It can be a form of resistance and an expression of outrage. It can give a voice to the have-nots and the invisible. This exhibition looks at art and society through the work of 19 contemporary artists and artist groups from around the world. These artists highlight and probe the disputes and friction points that come with living as part of society.

The featured works address universal issues related to labour, economics and the distribution of power. They also touch upon topical themes such as the war in Ukraine, riots and protests, refugeeism and migration. Some works revisit old manifestos and ideologies; others reinterpret meaning-laden images. Another key topic of contention is the role of art and the artist in society.

The exhibition draws ideas from the French philosopher Jacques Rancière and his theory of politics and democracy as dissensus, or debate between equals.

Demonstrating Minds exhibition has been made possible by the kind support of the Austrian Embassy, Helsinki; Culture Ireland, Dublin; Institut français de Finlande, Embassy of Spain, Helsinki and The Danish Arts Foundation.