press release

For his second exhibition at the gallery Derek Sullivan will show a new series of large drawing and fabric pieces. In this series of coloured pencil and gouache drawings Sullivan adopts the poster idiom as a means of accommodating contradictory and changing meanings, as well as minor epiphanies and ephemeral references. In his new laser cut fabric pieces Sullivan mashes up well-known phrases into collapsible web-like sculptures. For the installation of this exhibition Sullivan will pierce the architecture to create an unbroken row of works claiming the entire west wall of the gallery.

From October 12 to December 8 Sullivan's work will also be on view in New York at Artists' Space in On Being an Exhibition, with BGL, Germaine Koh, Lee Watson, Laurel Woodcock and others. Derek Sullivan's work was seen in 2006 in Gasoline Rainbows at the Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver; in We Can Do This Now at the Power Plant, Toronto, and at the National Gallery of Canada in Art Metropole; The Top 100.

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Derek Sullivan: Poster Drawings Cross of Empire