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This group show will examine how globalization is narrated through artwork engaged directly with such places as Bali, Panama, Mongolia, Cambodia/Vietnam and Kuala Lumpur to name but a few. The themes - ranging from tourism, to unrequited love, to post-industrial development - reflect a spectrum of artistic approaches and experiences varying in degrees of mediation and subjectivity.

Siemon Allen | Rebecca Baron (New York) | Johanna Bresnick (Chicago) | Edward Burtynsky | Jeff Carter and Susan Giles (Chicago) | Alnoor Dewshi | Rainer Ganahl | Suchan Kinoshita (Amsterdam) | Miranda Lichtenstein (New York) | Corey McCorkle (New York) | Ulrike Ottinger (Berlin) | David Servoss | Chris Williams (Los Angeles)


only in german


mit Siemon Allen, Siegrun Appelt, Rebecca Baron, Johanna Bresnick, Edward Burtynsky, Jeff Carter and Susan Giles, Alnoor Dewshi, Rainer Ganahl, Suchan Kinoshita, Miranda Lichtenstein, Corey McCorkle, Ulrike Ottinger, David Servoss, Chris Williams