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Digital Gods
Ausstellung im Rahmen des Festivals 'Die Digitale Düsseldorf'
09.11.2018 - 25.11.2018

Concept of the exhibition 'Digital Gods' @ digitale dusseldorf, weltkunstzimmer, 9th to 25th of november 2018

The omnipresence of the Internet, which we are completing with the Internet of Things, shows us an effective force that until now only was known by God or God-like beings. Algorithms as extrasensory essences determine our lives, and informatics as a kind of theology provides us with new offers of healing - in the form of oracle machines, Pentecost gadgets and paradisiacal goods offers. Digital influencers present themselves as admirable saints. Digital companies are gathering beli evers arround, as in church-like communities, proclaiming the glad tidings of salvation in the „As If“ of virtual worlds. At the same time, digitality provides each of us with knowledge and competencies that previously could only be used by elites and privileged ones, and in some cases gives us an unprecedented amount of power. And what does art do? How does digitality as (substitute) religion represent aesthetics, how is the phenomenon mentally processed, artistically reflected?