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Millers Terrace is pleased to present new work by Donald Urquhart. Listen to the Wine is an exhibition of Donald Urquhart's new work, featuring eight ink drawings and a wall painting. The drawings are about the associated hedonism, hilarity, heartache and drama of drinking and the revelations from the nonsense of intoxicated conversation. Donald Urquhart’s drawings originally functioned as club decor of his now infamous club night The Beautiful Bend. The night incorporated performance, cabaret, strippers and drag. Often drawn directly onto the wall these drawings and fliers subverted historical motifs and popular iconography, such as Victoriana, comic strips, Goya, homosexual eroticism, Nazis and the original source of the title of this show, Mary Poppins. In P. L. Travers’ third Mary Poppins book; Mary Poppins Opens the Door, a Greek statue that has come to life describes existence in mythical Greece; "By day they watch the red-sailed ships going in and out of the bay. And at night they listen to the wine-dark waters that break on the shore below,” In his wall drawing Urquhart takes a look at carousers drowning in those very wine-dark waters. 'Nocturnal Animal' is an ink drawing of an unusual rodent caught sneaking around at night, like a performance in the twighlight hours. 'The Last of the Romanoffs' is a drawing of a drag queen Urquhart once knew. Sharing the name with a particularly cheap and noxious brand of vodka, she tragically drank herself to death. Urquhart’s new work neither condemns nor lauds the effects of too much alcohol, but merely asks you, when in your drunken fugue, to remember to Listen to the Wine. Donald Urquhart, born 1963, Dumfries, Scotland. Writer, artist, performer Donald Urquhart moved to London in 1984. A friend and contemporary of Leigh Bowery, Urquhart was regularly getting dragged-up by the late '80s, this led one way or another to the creative tour-de-forcethat was 'The Beautiful Bend', a club which he ran through the '90s with co-horts Sheila Tequila and DJ Harvey. The resulting artwork from The Beautiful Bend has previously been shown at Magnani, London, Publish and Be Damned (Cubitt), and Portikus, Frankfurt in a three man show curated by Wolfgang Tillmans earlier this year. Pressetext

Donald Urquhart - Listen To The Wine