press release

The Prenelle Gallery is pleased to announce the first solo exhibition of the artist DRL Jones. Using the super-structure of expressionistic painting as his foundation, Jones begins an exploration of the voracious nervous system, questioning the mental desire for greater and stronger stimuli. Through his documents of obsessive biology, cut colour rich tracer trails, suggesting high velocity pile-ups spread across vast synthetic colour fields. Accompanying these documents, a selection of diagrams form an overarching and disturbingly prophetic iconography, serving to chart the machinations of this, the beginning phase of his investigation. Such approaches form part of a larger on-going project exploring what the artist believes are the diverse and the disturbing possibilities of alternative modern psychopathologies. DRL Jones graduated from Goldsmith’s College with a degree in Fine Art and Contemporary Critical Theory. The work that makes up this exhibition is the culmination of the last eight months of his cyclical project.

DRL Jones -Televised Impact Velocity
A solo exhibition of paintings
David Jones