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LA Louver is pleased to announce the first west-coast exhibition for Brazilian artist Edgard de Souza. De Souza is LA Louver’s featured artist for the L.A. International Biennal Art Invitational 2003.

The exhibition is composed of two elements. First, in the gallery’s second floor open-air skyroom is a solitary form: a bronze sculpture of a stretching man whose head appears to be buried beneath the ground. As if looking through the floor to the space below (where in fact the artist’s show continues), the sculpture takes on significance particular to the context in which it is placed. A suite of photographs that depict a male body in various poses, with head obscured, complements the sculpture.

Second, a series of abstract sculptures by de Souza are exhibited in the gallery’s first floor south gallery. These at first appear quite distinct from the figurative piece, but in fact are closely related. The abstract works obliquely refer to bodily themes through their biomorphic forms. The works are meticulously crafted: the artist uses a foundation of wood upon which he applies lacquers and paint, or envelopes in leather, to develop refined, sensual surfaces. De Souza’s monochromatic pallet is restricted to white, pearl, cream, and dark chocolate. The smoothly elegant forms exude both a quite eroticism, and a light, humorous spirit.

Edgard de Souza was born in 1962, in São Paulo, Brazil, where he continues to live and work. He has exhibited since the mid-1980s, in cities including Rio de Janeiro, Caracas, Sydney, Amsterdam, Lisbon, Bologna and New York. In 1998 de Souza’s work was included in the prestigious XXIV Biennale in São Paulo.

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Edgard de Souza
South Gallery and Skyroom