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Red poppies in a cornfield will move gently in the windows of Galerie Asbæk facing the street when Eva Koch presents her recent video works.

Standing inside the gallery one hears the sound of the wind, bird song and a whirr of insects. It is almost too beautiful but suddenly the beauty is cut by an ominous sound and a red shock. "Red Poppies" is one out of eight installations in Eva Koch's extensive exhibition.

The major installation "Evergreen" is about cruelty and social exclusion from a group staged in the overwhelming landscape of the Faeroe Islands that is both beautiful and rough.

The video pans continuously from the sea by the shore, across countryside. There is bird song, some shouting children, a solitary child running away. This 360° panoramic view defines in a single circular line an almost archetypical memory, which is enacted among humans at other levels all through our lives.

Also the work "TUG" is staged at the Faroe Islands. It is a kind of moving kind of moving image showing a "tug-of-war". Children pulling in opposite directions are placed in a landscape with the green mountain as a tremendous back-drop for the "drama" that never reaches a climax.

Another living image is presented in a work showing the Roman fountain Il Facchino accompanied by the sound of quietly running water. The work has previously been installed in public space on Kongens Nytorv, Copenhagen only on show in the night. Now it is to be seen by daylight as a poetic image reminding us that time is passing – displaced from its original site: Via Lata in Rome. Eva Koch is a central figure in Danish contemporary art. In 2005 she exhibited in the Danish Pavilion at the Venice Biennale presenting the video installation "Approach".

Koch has many international exhibition activities e.g. solo shows at Göteborg Art Museum, Sweden and TATE St. Ives in Great Britain.

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Eva Koch