press release

People collect various items. Some like to collect butterfly specimens, coins, stamps, models, antiques, etc. Others have albums filled with family photos, brochures and stamps from past travels. This collection of items becomes a mass in which various memories gradually pile upon one another. By taking a second look, we reminisce about the past held in each mass. We could say that collecting is a journey by which our heart follows the path of our memory.

This exhibition, Collecting - Journey to Memory introduces works from our collection that encompass the theme of memories through collecting. In these works, various items such as paper, driftwood, old instruments, picture postcards, photos, in addition to, objects which indicate places, light and sound are collected. Each of which at one time had its own purpose and each of which possesses its own history. However, by collecting these items and putting them into one work, the past becomes amplified, and at times appears chaotic, while the individual items beckon us to enter their profound worlds.

This exhibition explores contemporary memory as seen through the world created by the artists who have experienced life in the 20thcentury collecting.


Exhibitions of the Collection 2005 Part1&2&3

04.10.05 - 27.11.05 New Acquisitions / Exhibition of the Collection 2005-I
06.12.05 - 29.01.06 Exhibition of the Collection 2005-II
21.02.06 - 14.05.06 Exhibition of the Collection 2005-III

mit On Kawara, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Kimio Tuchiya, Yoshitomo Nara, Tsuyoshi Ozawa, Takashi Murakami, Oscar Satio Oiwa ...