press release

venues: Seoul Art Cinema; Artsonje Center

The International Competition Section, EX-NOW is the highlight of EXiS, presents recent excellent experimental films of new trends. The total 750 works from 42 countries were submitted for this year's festival, which is an increase of 300 pieces of works from a year ago, of which selected 42 pieces will be shown in 6 programs. This year's EXiS embraces various works from formal imagery experiments rooted in classical experimental films, genre experiments including narrative, animation, documentaries, media experiments which include video, computer, and sound to meta-experiments transcending the limited border of politics, culture, and theories. The significant characteristic of this year's programs is the majority of intermedia works dealing with progressive interchange of media, which can be interpreted as much more progressive than the works making use of the media characters of New Media. The experimental spectrum is surely in tendency of expanding itself facing the environmental change of media technology. It is also noteworthy that Korean experimental films are struggling themselves to meet and find out Korean identities in form and contents, unfolding more and more diversities.

Wook Steven Heo