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Parasol unit foundation for contemporary art is delighted to present the winners of the EXPOSURE 11 Award, Jack Friswell, Kate Shepherd and Rebecca Turner, all graduates of Wimbledon College of Art.

Already in its third year, the EXPOSURE Award has gained ever increasing recognition and proved to be of great benefit to previous winners by giving the graduates from a UK art school an opportunity to exhibit work in a professional context. Showing alongside Yang Fudong, the main exhibition at Parasol unit, and coinciding with the Frieze Art Fair, their work will benefit from exposure to an international audience. For the 2011 EXPOSURE 11 Award, Parasol unit has collaborated with the Wimbledon College of Art.

Jack Friswell (BA Fine Art: Print and Time-based Media) explores notions of the cinematic and the artefact, working somewhere between documenting and oddity. Influenced by ethnographical studies and archetypes of architecture and landscape, he is interested in the anachronism of the projection screen as an object of visual and critical enquiry. Through introspective study, his images become the catalyst for critique via the geographical displacement of the screen and its construction.

Kate Shepherd (BA Fine Art: Painting) is interested in the politics of place—the social, historical context of the urban environment. Concerned with the city’s effect on memory, she uses layering and texture in her paintings to mimic the archaeological levels of the cityscape. Structural lines within the works move the eye between invented and existent space. In White Palace aerial views of the White House face Buckingham Palace in a form that is between figuration and abstraction.

Rebecca Turner (BA Fine Art: Sculpture) explores the relationship between space and what occupies it, and is particularly interested in the disruption of patterns of movement. Her large astronomical forms which she associates in unlikely ways to the surrounding objects and architecture can be somewhat baffling. Like a mysterious or unworldly invasion these often spherical anomalies, while playing with gravitational limitations, interrupt the ease of an apparently predetermined trajectory. The viewer must negotiate their unavoidable presence wherever they are clinging, anchored like some parasitic creature feeding off our architecture.

The judging panel for the 2011 EXPOSURE Award comprised of Katie Pratt, Painting Pathway Leader; Lois Rowe, Print and Time-based Media Pathway Leader; Sarah Woodfine, Sculpture Pathway Leader; and Ziba Ardalan, Director/Curator of Parasol unit foundation for contemporary art.

About EXPOSURE Awarded annually, EXPOSURE celebrates the development of young art school graduates and gives them the opportunity to show their work to an international audience, many of whom come to London for the Frieze Art Fair. Each year a different art school is invited to present a shortlist of graduates to Parasol unit. After the initial selection, one or more graduates are awarded the opportunity to stage an installation in the Parasol unit gallery for one month. Winners of EXPOSURE 09 were Sonny Sanjay Vadgama, Mark Dennis and Chris Gomersall. Winners of EXPOSURE 10 were Leah Capaldi, Kate Liston and Lea Provenzano.

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Jury: Katie Pratt, Lois Rowe, Sarah Woodfine, Ziba Ardalan

Künstler: Jack Friswell, Kate Shepherd, Rebecca Turner