press release

Eylem Aladogan (1975) makes monumental installations characterised by an intelligent interplay between architectural and more organic elements. She condenses the spatiality to create a concentrated dynamic that seems to hide deeper levels of meaning. The conceptual power of Aladogan’s pieces is matched by the extraordinary and sophisticated sensitivity with which she employs her materials.

In 2005 Aladogan was awarded the ABN Amro Art Prize for the remarkably topical and extremely personal oeuvre that she produced at such an early age.

The Kröller-Müller Museum is showing several of her sculptural installation pieces and will present her new installation Before Departure (all my changes were there) for the first time. The felt cables in this piece have been designed by Claudy Jongstra and some of the ceramic objects have been produced by Royal Tichelaar.

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Eylem Aladogan