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The story of Ago Piero Ajano was first brought to Faisal Abdu'Allah's attention by his 'power of attorney', who was adamant that Ago is a descendant of King Edward VIII. Today, after having led a lavish lifestyle in London in the 80s, Ago lives in a very modest council flat, penniless.

The project in many ways exemplifies Abdu'Allah's concerns with notions of truth and fiction explored in his previous work. The commission has allowed the artist to develop his practice through use of the moving image, and to collaborate with Big Hug Ltd, an award-winning production company, one of whose aims is to portray the lives and experiences of Black people in the UK.

With The Browning of Britannia the artist has produced a multifaceted account of a life which defies logic and challenges acquired knowledge and truths - and a work that interrogates the documentary form itself. Offering Ago the opportunity to tell the story of who he was, and who he has become, this tale of a lost fortune and an uncertain lineage is illustrated by documents and photographs from his past, fleshed out through conversations with friends and acquaintances from his heyday - constructing a tower with many windows and a story with questions of truth at its core.

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Faisal Abduallah
The Browning of Britannia