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“Fantastic Realism” is a filmic journey through time. The exhibition gathers together photographic images like fragments in a time machine. There is no harmony or grand narrative created from these images but rather series of links across independent images. Instead of presenting one dominating viewpoint, these artists from Estonia, Finland and Great Britain represent different cultural perspectives. The camera may be recording fake theme parks and symbols of nostalgia or other fantastic realities, but through representation these documents compose new realities, which are deeply impressive. In Fantastic Realism, the artists can be said to document reality. Evidently, a different reality is presented through the camera than that of the human eye. for example, in the field of portraiture the camera introduces hidden details, but may retain a distinction between surface and depth. In this sense, Fantastic Realism presents works interested in the reality of fictions and the fictions of reality. We can ask again, whether the photograph will give us a perfect realism or the perfect illusion of the world? Pressetext

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Fantastic Realism - Estonian, British and Finnish photography

KünstlerInnen: David Bate, Infotakistid, Kai Kaljo, Marjaana Kella, Eve Kiiler, Ville Lenkkeri, Outi Liusvaara, Arne Maasik, Maike Marshall, Herkki-Erich Merila / Arbo Tammiksaar, Marja Pirilä, David Robinson, Denny Robson, Piret Räni, Jari Silomäki, Clare Strand, Katrin Tees, Mare Tralla, Anu Vahtra, Mart Viljus
Kuratorin: Eve Kiiler