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Daniel Hug is pleased to present the second solo exhibition at the gallery by German born, Los Angeles based artist Florian Morlat in the main gallery. Florian Morlat received his MFA from UCLA, Los Angeles. Florian Morlat works in a variety of media including sculpture, collage, and painting. The exhibition includes a large mobile sculpture and three wall-mounted fabric sculptures and a series of watercolors painted on newsprint.

Florian Morlat creates reduced sculptures out of common materials such as canvas, construction-grade wood, string and cocoanut shells. Florian Morlat constructs symetrical compositions made of elementary shapes - triangles, squares, and circles - which due to the unstable nature of the materials transform and distort when they are installed. The sculptures are attached at a few points on the wall the resulting drapes and folds that occur transform the works from hard-edge geometric to organic objects and challenge notions of geometric abstraction.

Florian Morlat received his degree from UCLA and has recently had solo exhibition at Galerie Ben Kaufmann in Munich / Berlin, Germany. He has participated in Abstract Art Now at the Wilhelm Hack Museum, Ludwigshaven, Germany, Liquid Crystal at Lothringer 13 in Munich, Germany and Brutal Ornamental at Galerie Kosak Hall in Vienna.

Project Room: Matt Fishbeck

Matt Fishbeck is based in Los Angeles, he received his Bachelors Degree from Harvard University. Matt Fishbeck’s visual art work focuses on the development of collage and montage. Fishbeck constructs digitally manipulated self-portraits and portraits of friends, using a very common graphics software program. Fishbeck revitalizes the collage process, returning it to its mass-media associations that react against the current fetish of 20th century cut paper collage.

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Florian Morlat

Project Room: Matt Fishbeck