press release

Artists from various fields of the visual arts make their voices for childrens rights noisy. They dedicate themselves in this project with new & special works targeted individual items of childrens rights. In occasion of the 25th anniversary of UN Children Rights Convention the artists` works will be presented in a special Event at the Museum of Communication in Berlin.


Jim Kroft is a British born musician based in Berlin, signed on BMG Rights Worldwide. His current project is called "Journeys" which is taking him all around the world, so far Russia, America and most recently China where he played a 20 date tour, lived in the Hutongs and played a residency in Beijing. He believes passionately in the role of music to break down cultural barriers and to connect human being internationally. His previous album was released on EMI.

“Jim Kroft is a magnificent composer who showcases his songs beautifully. Parallels can be drawn from Scottish pop-romantic David Bowie and Nick Kershaw.”

Rolling Stone