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Ninety-six exhibitions in museums, commercial galleries, alternative arts spaces, downtown buildings, universities, and schools throughout Houston. Downtown installations highlighting urban revitalization work in Houston.

Exhibitions - FotoFest Exhibitions, Artistic Director: Wendy Watriss

Altered Worlds Contemporary Staged Slovak Photography Curator: Lucia Benicka, Tatranska Galerie/House of Photography, Poprad Artists: Robo Kocan, Pavel Pecha, Rudo Prekop, Vasil Stanko, Miro Svolik, Kamil Varga, Petr Zupnik

Looking at the 90's, Four Views of Current Mexican PhotographyAltered Worlds, Contemporary Staged Slovak Photography Curator: Lucia Benicka, Tatranska Galerie/House of Photography, Poprad Artists: Robo Kocan, Pavel Pecha, Rudo Prekop, Vasil Stanko, Miro Svolik, Kamil Varga, Petr Zupnik

Looking at the 90's, Four Views of Current Mexican Photography Curator: Ana Casa, Centro de la Imagen, Mexico City Artists: Katya Brailowsky, Maya Goded, Javier Ramírez Límon, Maruch Santiz Gómez, Daniel Weinstock Curator: Miguel Fematt, Faculty of Visual Arts, University of Veracruz Artists: Marco Antonio Cruz, Carlos Jurado, Daniel Mendoza, Hildegart Moreno Oloarte, Pedro Slim Curator: Jose Antonio Rodríguez, Independent Curator, Mexico City Artists: Laura Barrón, Ximena Berecochea, Adriana Calatayud, Marianna Dellekamp, Gerardo Montiel Klint Curator: Osvaldo Sánchez, Director of Museo Carrillo Gil, Mexico City Artists: Pía Elizondo, Edgar Ladrón de Guevara, Sebastian Rodríguez Romo.

Discoveries of the Meeting Place Pavel Pecha. Untitled, From the series My Intuitive Theater, 1990-1997. Altered Worlds. Enlarge this photo Curators: Andy Grundberg, Independent Curator and Critic Maria Teresa Garcia Pedroche, Assistant Curator, Meadows Museum, Dallas José Ignacio Roca, Curator, Luis Angel Arango Library, Banco de la Republica, Bogota, Colombia Tina Schelhorn, Director of Internationale Szene, Cologne, Germany Marcel Blouin, Director, Mois de la Photo, Montreal Patricia Mendoza, Director, Centro de la Imagen, Mexico City Roland Charles, Director, Black Photographers Gallery, Los Angeles John Cleary, Director, John Cleary Gallery, Houston Adam Weinbereg, Curator of the Permanent Collection, Whitney Museum, New York Sunil Gupta, Curator, Organization for Visual Arts, London

Artists: Jan Camp (USA), Valdir Cruz (USA/Brazil), Deborah Hammond (USA), Kate Mellor (U.K.), Anne Arden McDonald (USA), Philippe Pache (Switzerland), Orville Robertson (USA), Adrienne Veninger (USA), Frederic Weber (USA), Frank Yamrus (USA)

Pentti Sammalahti Curator: Wendy Watriss and Frederick Baldwin

Five South African Artists Curator: Linda Givon, Director, Goodman Gallery, Johannesburg Eugenio Valdez, Ludwig Foundation, Havana Artists: William Kentridge, Pat Mautloa, Zwelethu Mthethwa, Penny Siopsis, Sue Williamson

Infusion, L'ubo Stacho Curators: Wendy Watriss, Artist Director, FotoFest Lucia Benicka, Director, Tatranska Galerie, House of Photography

Kate Mellor. TR 300395. Shakespeare Cliff, Dover, 1997. No.1, From the series Island: The Sea Front. Discoveries of the Meeting Place. Enlarge this photo White Lights, Harry Gruyaert Curator: Wendy Watriss, Artistic Director, FotoFest

Spirits and Constructions Curator: Wendy Watriss, Artistic Director, FotoFest Artists: Karthleen Campbell, Vicki Ragan, Charles Biasiny Rivera

Between Past and Present, Contemporary Italian Photography and the New Landscape Experience Curator: Martino Marangoni Artists: Olivo Barbieri, Gabriele Basilico, Vincenzo Castella, Luigi Ghirri, Guido Guidi

The Memory of a City, Lima, Peru, The Photography Studio of Eugene (Eugenio) Courret 1863-1935 Curator: Jorge Deustua, Independent Curator, Lima, Peru

Danny Tisdale, An Artist For a Change (with Project Row Houses) Curators: Danny Tisdale, Wendy Watriss Rick Lowe, Curator and Founder, Project Row Houses

Eustáquio Neves Curator: Wendy Watriss, Artistic Director, FotoFest

Re-Imagining Vietnam (with Houston Community College) Curator: Wendy Watriss, Artistic Director, FotoFest Artists: Craig Barber, An-My Le, Timothy Karr, Abby Robinson Pentti Sammalahti. Solovki, White Sea, Russia, 1992. From the portfolio The Russian Way, 1996 Enlarge this photo

Stephen Marc, Soul Searching/Digital Montage Series (with Community Artists Collective)

Portraits and Fashion, The Archives of Milton Greene

The Fotofence, Literacy Through Photography

Symposia In May 1998, FotoFest sponsored the series of events Houston: Cultural Arts in The City in conjunction with the opening of Sesquicentennial Park Phase II. The Sesquicentennial Park honors 150 years of Texas statehood. The events were organized to be a catalyst in broadening public perception about the role of the arts in urban life. Dr. Alberta Arthurs, former director of Arts and Humanities for The Rockefeller Foundation, gave a public presentation Looking To The Future, A National Overview on the arts at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.

Following the public presentation, special gatherings were organized for public officials, civic leaders, private founders and arts organizations. FotoFest also organized a public walking tour of the Park with the park's architect, and presented a public panel on The Impact of Public Art on the Urban Landscape at the Alley Theater.

Performances Parachutes, Performances/Installation Curator: Johannes Birringer, Choreographer and Founder, AlienNation Co.

The Meeting Place Eight-day portfolio review program for 120 artists with 80 international curators

Lectures Re-Imagining Vietnam - Abby Robinson and Bui Xuan Huy Current Mexican Photography Insight/On Site, Houston Coalition for the Visual Arts Eustáquio Neves. Untitled, From the series The Urban Chaos, 1998. Enlarge this photo Looking At Art, Mexican artists and curators; Wendy Watriss Gary Hill

FotoFest 1998 Catalogue Color festival catalogue and curatorial essay, Wendy Watriss, Editor David Lerch and Pennebaker LMC, Designers

FotoFest 1998 International Fine Print Auction 111 artists donated photos for the FotoFest 1998 Fine print Auction. Denise Bethel, Director of Sotheby's Photographs Department was again the auctioneer. The auction took place at Shepherd School of Music, Rice University on March 4, 1998.

Book Publication Image and Memory, Photography from Latin America 1866-1994 (University of Texas Press, 1998) Editor and Project Director: Wendy Watriss, Artistic Director, FotoFest Co-Editor: Lois Parkinson Zamora, Professor, Comparative Literature, University of Houston Awards: American Publishers Association, Golden Light Award for Best Photo Book of the Year, Maine Photographic Workshops Oracle

Traveling Exhibitions Altered Worlds, Contemporary Slovak Staged Photography Looking at the 90's, Four Views of Current Mexican Photography Kurdistan, In the Shadow of History

Special Exhibition Blurred Boundaries, mixed media exhibition and performance Project Director: Wendy Watriss, Artistic Director, FotoFest Exhibition Curator: Debbie Riddle, Artist, Houston Performance Director: Johannes Birringer, Artist and Founder, AlienNation Co., Houston

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FotoFest 1998
Seventh International Month of Photography
Director: Wendy Watriss

Olivo Barbieri, Laura Barron, Gabriele Basilico, Ximena Berecochea, Charles Biasiny Rivera, Katya Brailowsky, Adriana Calatayud, Karthleen Campbell, Michael Campbell & Janice Rahn, Vincenzo Castella, Marco Antonio Cruz, Valdir Cruz, Marianna Dellekamp, Pia Elizondo, Luigi Ghirri, Maya Goded, Guido Guidi, Deborah Hammond, Carlos Jurado, Timothy Karr, William Kentridge, Robo Kocan, Edgar Ladron de Guevara, An-My Le, Kagiso Pat Mautloa, Anne McDonald, Kate Mellor, Daniel Mendoza, Gerardo Montiel Klint, Zwelethu Mthethwa, Hildegart Oloarte, Philippe Pache, Pavel Pecha, Rudo Prekop, Vicki Ragan, Javier Ramirez Limon, Orville Robertson, Abby Robinson, Sebastian Romo, Maruch Santiz Gomez, Penny Siopsis, Pedro Slim, Wasil Stanko, Miro Svolik, Kamil Varga, Adriene Veninger, Frederic Weber, Daniel Weinstock, Sue Williamson, Frank Yamrus, Peter Zupnik ...