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Pastificio Cerere Foundation is glad to present Esercizi e simulazioni, the personal exhibition by Francesco Simeti and the big urban intervention Whole Wheat, realized on the façade of the former Pastificio Cerere.

In occasion of the restyling that binds the entire Cerere Building, Simeti conceived the pattern Whole Wheat, 2010 a big print on PVC surface (600m2) spangled by plants, grasses, flowers, rocks, shrubs, cutted and pasted as a collage in order to create a kind of “globalized nature” in which even the ears of wheat rise in the stylized images of an artificial and genetically inexistent universe. The images employed, even if enchanting, allude to themes of a very different genre. Images of plants of different origins and species involve the Pastificio Cerere building as a symbolic forest, becoming a sort of nature’s revenge on anthropic action and architecture, as a warning towards an ethic commitment in society, for a sustainable environment and the natural resources’ safety.

Francesco Simeti’s urban intervention reinterprets the historical architecture of the building in San Lorenzo neighborhood and offers an unusual perspective of it, creating an original comparison between his work and the “street public”. The operation will be visible during the entire period of the building’s restyling, until May 2011. In conclusion of the event, to confirm the commitment of Pastificio Cerere Foundation towards social and environmental projects, the PVC surface will be entrusted to the amateurish laboratory that the Cooperativa Cecilia ONLUS in Rome organizes at the juvenile prison in Casale del Marmo. Here a group of women, committed in rehabilitating activities, will realize bags, whose proceeds will be donated to charity to the association. In the exhibition Esercizi e simulazioni, hosted in the exposition spaces of the Foundation, the artist simulates a small forest, a walk that the public takes passing through the expo-space, making his way between false images of plants, wood’s full-size creatures , birds twittering in public presence. Natural disasters’ images are objects of a group of xilographies that hide, behind the surface, serious themes.

The exhibition is in collaboration with Francesca Minini, Milan and Francesco Pantaleone Arte Contemporanea, Palermo; under the patronage of Comune di Roma and Ordine degli Architetti pianificatori e conservatori di Roma e Provincia.

The recycling project of the PVC surface is in collaboration with Cooperativa Cecilia ONLUS, Rome.

We remind you that on October 7th 2010 (single date), at Complesso Monumentale Santo Spirito in Sassia, Borgo S. Spirito 2, the site-specific work Scene di Disordine e Confusione, realized by Francesco Simeti in the project SPIRITO, edited by Valentina Ciarallo and Pier Paolo Pancotto, takes place.

Biography: Francesco Simeti was born in Palermo, 1968. Lives and works in New York. He realizes several permanent and temporary interventions of public art, such as: 2011, permanent installation in Brooklyn’s underground, NY; 2010, installation in the PS/IS 44 Elementary School, Staten Island, NY; 2009, Pastiche, MACRO, Rome; 2008, Stradarte, Zona Ventura, Milan; 2005, In Alto, Porta Garibaldi, Milan. Solo exhibitions: 2010, Tumbleweed, Art Project by Andrea Sala and Francesco Simeti, Moroso Showroom, Salone del Mobile, Milan; 2009, Aviary, Artists Space, New York; 2009, Plastic Eden, Francesco Pantaleone Arte Contemporanea, Palermo; 2007, No Place Like Home, Francesca Minini, Milan. Collective exhibitions: 2010, Walls Are Talking: Wallpapers, Art and Culture, The Whitworth Art Gallery, University of Manchester; 2009, No Longer Empty, The invisible Dog Gallery, Brooklyn; 2009, I paesaggi e la natura dell’arte, Museo Arcos Benevento; 2008, XV Quadriennale, Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Rome.

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Francesco Simeti
Esercizi e simulazioni
Kurator: Laura Barreca