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Ikon Gallery | 1 Oozells Square, Brindleyplace
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This exhibition will consist entirely of woodcut prints by the acclaimed Swiss artist Franz Gertsch (b.1930). Large-scale and extremely fine in their execution, they are characterised by an extraordinarily meditative quality, a kind of everyday classicism that encourages a slower, deeper apprehension of the visual world. Consistent with a proposition informing his photo-realist paintings, for which Gertsch is equally renowned, the woodcuts assert the importance of process whereby a message is embodied in the medium itself. The viewer is engaged by sheer concentration, applied both to the subject and the object of the artist’s practice. His technique, involving a choice of different woods for different subjects, handmade pigments, and a Japanese paper made from mulberry and linen fibre, could not be more exacting and in tune with the essentialism he espouses.


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Franz Gertsch