press release

There is no doubt that all of us feel an emotional bond with the place where we grew up. This bond becomes even closer in our adult life, when we make conscious choices about our sense of belonging to a place and to people. Collective memory, history, culture, even such things as taste or a smile are the foundation of who we are. However, no-one loves every single thing about themselves; we always have a love-hate relationship with the place where we were born or to which we belong. By juxtaposing two different ways of understanding and perceiving the world manifested by artists from Hongkong and Gdańsk, we would like to analyse the sense and understanding of global and local belonging. This is not going to be a critique of either the present or the past. Through understanding the role played by the state of our mind, we hope to achieve greater awareness of what is happening around us. Even though sometimes our belonging is not what we long for.