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From Sickert to Gertler celebrates the lives of Bobby and Natalie Bevan and the works that hung on the walls of their home, Boxted House in Essex, which became a gathering place for artists after the Second World War.

Bobby was the son of artists Stanislawa de Karlowska and Robert Bevan (who was born in Hove and grew up near Cuckfield, West Sussex). Brighton Public Art Gallery was the only public gallery to purchase a painting by Robert Bevan during his lifetime – The Cab Yard, Night 1909–10 (on display in this exhibition).

Natalie, a renowned beauty and hostess, modelled for many artists (most famously Mark Gertler). She was a distinguished painter and ceramicist in her own right, and one of her joyful ceramic circus animals is in the exhibition.

Between 1946 and 1974, Bobby and Natalie created an exceptional home at Boxted House. Paintings by Bobby's parents and their friends, including Walter Sickert, Harold Gilman and Charles Ginner, hung beside works by Bobby and Natalie's own friends, such as Christopher Nevinson, John Armstrong and Frederick Gore.

The house became a social centre for artists like John Nash, Cedric Morris and Lett Haines. All of these artists are represented in the exhibition.

As generous patrons of the visual arts, Bobby, Natalie and their house played an important role in the post-war cultural renaissance. During the 1950s and 1960s, Boxted House became the heart of a social milieu not just of artists, but also of writers, politicians, gardeners and other creative individuals. Fine art was just one aspect of the unique environment in which the hospitable Bobby and Natalie lived. Friends recall Bobby’s collection of 18th century furniture and Natalie’s collections of Staffordshire and Chelsea ceramics, amongst other features, which – when combined with his wine cellar and her kitchen – made each visit an unforgettable experience.

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From Sickert to Gertler: Modern British Art from Boxted House

Künstler: Walter Sickert, Mark Gertler, Harold Gilman, Charles Ginner, John Nash, Cedric Morris, Lett Haines ...