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A Project of Photographers of VISUM Agency, Hamburg, supported by Leica Camera AG „We are Pope“ was the headline of Germany`s largest newspaper BILD when Joseph Kardinal Ratzinger became Benedict XVI last year. It was the first time after 500 years that a German became head of the Catholic church. Giving out the guidelines for millions worldwide we take a deeper look into his home country. Religion in Germany is much dominated by christian traditions of the Catholic and the Protestant Church. Both suffer from considerable loss of members but nonetheless the traces of christian rituals maintain their ground and still mark the corner posts of our life: from birth to death and in between the ceremonies of Wedding, Easter, Christmas and the like. The modern West might not be fond of dogma anymore, but apparently we yearn for rituals which seem to be the common language of all spiritual quests. Just remember the funeral of Pope John Paul II and the following World Youth Day in Cologne with Pope Benedikt XVI, who then was featured as a pop star by German youth magazine „Bravo“. What does this mean and how do the churches react to this phenomenon when on the other side they have to close down their places of worship for lack of churchgoers and lack of funds?


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God in Germany
Ausstellung von Fotografen der Agentur VISUM in Partnerschaft mit der LEICA Camera AG unterstützt von der Hahnemühle FineArt GmbH