press release

Beauty is sacred, confers the gift of life, pumps adrenaline, but most of all makes life worth living. The exhibition “Gorgeous Isn’t Good Enough” aspires to come to terms with our contemporary vision of beauty by examining the crossover between the fashion industry’s construction of norms and 14 of the world’s top contemporary artists’ rendition of them.

Today’s iconography of beauty is undergoing a subtle and delicate transformation. Digital technology and scientific progress have procreated the absolute perfect vocabulary of beauty...or so we seem to think. Has humanity’s incessant quest and desire for perfection failed? This exhibition seeks to investigate ideas about the relationship between beauty, perfection, and technological progress.

Set to open during the upstart of women’s fall 2005 fashion week in Milan, the moment promises an inevitable encounter with the dynamic world which continually invents and establishes the universal standards of beauty.