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Not since the invention of abstract painting has any art form been as thorouchly discussed as action art. Abstract art had a profound impact on thinking and creating during the first half of the 20th century; and now many aspects of action art have likewise passed directly into everyday life.

During the past three decades, everyday elements have have been influencing art more and more strongly, and art has been responding to everyday life more and more quickly. In no other era has been anything like this dialogue between art and everyday life.

The range of materials used in art has never been so wide as today. Anything can be made into art. Mankind's confines have narrowed, the freedom of art is unlimited.

We live in the trash time: we produce trash and we become trash. Therefore HA Schult's 'Trash People' are images of ourselves. In 1996, when HA Schult has installed one thousand life sized 'Trash People', in the Amphitheatre of Xanten, the idea was born to send them around the world.

Like the pyramids of Giza send messages to us from times past, HA Schult's 'Trash People' will travel as a 'now time expression' to the world's most important spots.

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HA Schult "Trash-People"
1000 lebensgroße Skulpturen aus Müll vor dem Kölner Dom

Trash-People / bisherige Aktionen:
1996 Amphitheater Xanten
1999 La Defense, Paris
1999 Roter Platz, Moskau
2001 Jin Shan Ling, Peking
2002 Giza, Kairo
2003 Kilkenny Castle
2003 Stelisee, Zermatt
2004 Die Tiefe, Gorleben
2005 Grand Place, Brüssel