artist / participant

press release

Time is central to the work of Washington DC-based artist Linn Meyers, whose practice revolves around drawing. Each dense and intricate ink line drawing is the result of a nearly meditative process by which Meyers lays down consecutive lines into largely organic forms, creating rhythmic repetitive patterns. Each line becomes the record of a physical movement, and the inevitable inconsistencies and imperfections of the body as it moves through time and space become integral to the final composition. Meyers’s layering of vivid colors creates a shimmering quality suggestive of light and movement across the surface of the work. Working in a range of scales, Meyers has in recent years moved from the page to creating site-specific wall drawings. Ambitious in scale and labor, these drawings can take several weeks to complete, their shapes responding to the architecture of the space and the surrounding elements. For her Hammer Project, Meyers will make a large-scale, site-specific wall drawing on the Hammer’s lobby wall. This exhibition will be the artist’s first museum show in Los Angeles.