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Kalmar Konstmuseum’s Här (Here) exhibitions are intended to give a recurring introduction to and insight into what’s happening in the Kalmar region’s art scene. The first HÄR exhibition took place in 2008, when we showed the work of six artists with connections to this region. For the new exhibition, Här II: Art from the Kalmar Region 2010, the museum has invited three curators (Kim Einarsson, Malin Nilsson, and Anna Norberg) to each select an artist with ties to the region. This year each of the curators has also been asked to show pieces from Kalmar Konstmuseum’s permanent collection.

Curator Kim Einarsson, who grew up in Kalmar herself, has invited Ingela Johansson, who grew up outside of Nybro, now lives in London, and is the current recipient of the International Artists Studio Program in Stockholm’s stipend. Johansson shows a collaboration with Nina Svensson based on the labor movement’s artistic vision and adult education programs. They have chosen to show works from the collection that have work and workplace motives or associate directly to the art history of the labor movement. Curator Malin Nilsson has invited Mats Brate, an artist living in Ölvingstorp, and juxtaposes his graphic series with five drawings by Albert Engström from the museum’s collection. Brate’s drawings are taken from his ongoing work with the graphic novelHundarnas stad (City of Dogs), a collaboration with author Stefan Gurt. Albert Engström’s satirical drawings belong to the tradition of humorous cartoons that developed in American and European newspapers during the late nineteenth century. Curator Anna Norberg has invited in Conny Karlsson, who grew up in Västervik and now lives in Berlin. Karlsson’s work is based on a series of works by Lotte Laserstein from the museum’s collection. The Lotte Series Pt. I–IV, which comprises four site-specific installations, is a reinterpretation of Laserstein’s works that is informed by her artistry and by issues of presentation, identity, and alienation.

In connection with the exhibition, jury and public prizes will be awarded to one or more of the participating artists. Each prize includes a cash award of 5000 kronor. The jury prize is presented by Plain Capital. The public prize is presented by the newspaper Kalmarposten.  Between 27 November 2010 and 16 January 2011, the public can vote for the artist they believe deserves the public prize. The official announcement and award ceremony will be held at Kalmar Konstmuseum on 22 January 2011 at 2:00 PM.

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Art from the Kalmar Region 2010
Kuratoren: Kim Einarsson, Malin Nilsson, Anna Norberg

Künstler: Mats Brate, Ingela Johansson & Nina Svensson, Conny Karlsson, Albin Amelin, Behnn Edvinsson, Albert Engström, Sven Erixson, Nils Kreuger, Lotte Laserstein, Marja Ruta