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Heath Bunting Single Step Guide To Success - Day Planning Bunting artistic work spans from hacker-art to performance art and social interactions. Many projects have a rebellious side, i.e. interactions against surveillance in public places and property rights, i.e. Monsanto. The exhibited project is a suggestion how to find a structure to survive in a complex western society. Heath Bunting is one of the founding members of the collective irrational, which has its 10 years anniversary within couple of weeks.

Alba (Alba S. Enström), born in Sweden, based in Copenhagen, educated at Kongelige Danske Kunstakademi, in Copenhagen. In his paintings and drawings, he refers to images taken from rock, pop, woman’s magazines, porn magazines, the Internet…The subject is often ”love” and how love is presented in different magazine, record labels, movies and personal websites. In M o m e n t s, a series of mostly watercoulors, he works between the erotic, pornographic and romantic presentation of love.

At the opening of the exhibition the bokk A L B A m o m e n t s is presented. The book is published by Edition Torben Grøndahl, Copenhagen, with a catalogue text by Erik Steffensen, in collaboration with Kalmar Konstmuseum.

Curator: Martin Schibli


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Heath Bunting: Single Step Guide To Success - Day Planning
Alba (Alba S. Enström): moments
Kurator: Martin Schibli