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Malmö Art Museum has during the past 20 years, through donations and acquisitions, created Sweden’s foremost collection of Scandinavian contemporary art. Many of the artists represented in the collection originate from the dynamic Öresund region between Denmark and Sweden. Several of them are now internationally acclaimed.

The exhibition Helsingborg ♥ Malmö presents artworks by 21 artists with the intention to display the physically large scale works of Malmö Art Museum’s collection. The selection including works which demand space in not only the physical sense. Some of the works demand space by means of subject. The artworks all describe or comment the complex reality of contemporary life through different modes of expression, technique or material. The works often contain a criticism of our contemporary world, criticism presenting the world through other eyes than our own.

Anu Tuominen, Ann Lislegaard, Magdalena Svensson and Marianna Uutinen draw aspects of nature into their work, from the smallest entity to the infinite. The artworks by Elis Eriksson, Carl Michael von Hausswolff, Lars Nilsson and Mikael Ericsson criticize the conventions of our civilization. Dan Wolgers comments the boundary between the private and public space. Henrik Olesen, Anne Traegde, Leif Holmstrand and Bjarne Melgaard display the effects of the society we’ve accepted as our own. Their works relate to themes such as violence, exclusion, responsibility and freedom. Jonas Liveröd’s work explores society in a somewhat critical way. His chandelier of wood becomes a folkhemsvariant of the affluence of the bourgeoisie, an object trying to be something it really isn’t.

Ulf Rollof’s technical construction creates a kind of aorta in the exhibition. His chairs moving to and fro become a metaphor of human presence and absence, a metaphor which also can be found in Kirsten Ortwed’s balcony. Finnbogi Pètursson’s audio frequencies create a feeling of something invisible but very perceptible through technically advanced audio installations. Three dimensional techniques exploring tromp l’oeil effects, a green terrier, a tempestuous sea and sculptures acting like paintings? Such unexpected effects and compositions present themselves in the works by Lotta Hannerz, Truls Melin, Maria Friberg and Eva Larsson.

The exhibition Helsingborg ♥ Malmö presents a wide selection of Scandinavian contemporary art and offers an opportunity to see a fraction of the unique collection of Malmö Art Museum.

Participating artists: Ann Lislegaard (NO), Anne Traegde (NO), Anu Tuominen (FI), Bjarne Melgaard (AUS/NO), Carl Michael von Hausswolff (SE), Dan Wolgers (SE), Elis Eriksson (SE), Eva Larsson (SE), Finnbogi Pétursson (ISL), Henrik Olesen (DK), Jonas Liveröd (SE), Kirsten Ortwed (DK), Lars Nilsson (SE), Leif Holmstrand (SE), Lotta Hannerz (SE), Magdalena Svensson (SE), Maria Friberg (SE), Marianna Uutinen (FI), Mikael Ericsson (SE), Truls Melin (SE), Ulf Rollof (SE).

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Helsingborg / Malmö

Künstler: Ann Lislegaard, Anne Traegde, Anu Tuominen, Bjarne Melgaard, Carl Michael von Hausswolff, Dan Wolgers, Elis Eriksson, Eva Larsson, Finnbogi Petursson, Henrik Olesen, Jonas Liveröd, Kirsten Ortwed, Lars Nilsson, Leif Holmstrand, Lotta Hannerz, Magdalena Svensson, Maria Friberg, Marianna Uutinen, Mikael Ericsson, Truls Melin, Ulf Rollof