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Influenced by cultural, social and political changes, remembrance, commemoration and forgetting are ongoing processes that accompany the construction and re-interpretation of personal and national identity. Lots of facets and questions exist about memory - one of the biggest mysteries of human brain studied in many different disciplines like in neurobiology, psychology or philosophy.

Artists rely on their memory for creation, they get inspired form their memories, reconstruct, imagine memorials or create surfaces for projection of the memory. Going back to our memories is a mental time travel and an important link between past and present.

The exhibition here and now… amnesia at Savvy Contemporary is an invitation to discover “memory-traces” of five artists from Western and non-Western countries living in Berlin, aiming to coin a “here and now” with their art works especially created for the show. A residency at Savvy Contemporary is offered to them for a couple of weeks to create pieces in permanent dialogue with one another and with the curator, as well as develop a scenography for the multidisciplinary group show that will approach different facets of memory or the complete or partial loss of it, amnesia.

This project is sponsored by Kulturamt Neukölln and Strasserauf Electricität.

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Here and now...amnesia

Dalila Dalleas Bouzar, Dominik Lejman, Rebecca Loyche, Maryna Markova, Francisco Rozas

Katia Hermann