press release

Monte Clark Gallery Toronto is pleased to announce a group exhibit entitled History. A group show including artists Roy Arden, Karin Bubas, Douglas Coupland, Graham Gillmore and Greg Girard.

History features artists whose works explore the malleable nature of history or histories and the past, which is constantly being re-examined and reconsidered from a variety of perspectives.

History can be considered an amalgam of miscellaneous facts, fictions, truths and half-truths, myths, rumours, gossip, distortions, personal narratives and collective memory. It represents a canvas upon which the conceptions and interpretations of past events or eras may be made manifest. The artists exhibited provide a subjective lens through which to view history, whether in the form of remembrance, revision, reconstruction, imprint, erasure, absence, or the articulation of memory as a displacement of past into present.

Greg Girard presents contemporary photographs of historical architecture in Shanghai that is unlikely to survive demolition as the city attempts to modernize and seek international recognition.

In Douglas Coupland’s Poltergeist series of high school yearbook portraits overlaid with paint, the artist considers the ephemeral nature of youth, and the effacing of identity and the past.

The exhibited works serve to articulate the experience of history.


mit Roy Arden, Karin Bubas, Douglas Coupland, Graham Gillmore, Greg Girard