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Mulholland Drive, Norman Bates’ motel, Kane’s mansion, Alice’s room, Uncle Tom’s cabin, Jack Torrance’s hotelz... we could produce endless lists of places which cinema or literature have pinpointed as generators of meaning. The place leads to a specific story one which could abide by the coordinates of reality, or flee towards other possibilities.

The need for a place to be recognised occasionally arises from the reverse of an escapist urge being fully aware of where we are, having absolute control over what happens around us, thus allowing everything to flow according to other parameters. Physical space can then become the springboard to head into other narratives. Absolute control over the space can act as the starting block for fleeing towards other possibilities. Places change their meanings, times multiply, objects take on other functions.

Some artists also play with real spatial coordinates to spawn new readings and new potentials, letting themselves get carried away in narrative terms. Spaces in the home, one’s familiar neighbourhood and nearby spots become the perfect setting for stories to unfold which, while resembling fiction, do not lose sight of the backdrop they are set in. Disjunction between desires, the urge to secure an own system and reality seeps through in the work of artists who chastise the site in order to build other possibilities on top of it.

People become personages, objects take on a new dimension, emotions become amplified and everything appears to conspire for the purpose of recounting other possible stories, beyond the usual ones but under the permanent hallmark of reality.

Home Cinema presents the work of artists who move between such coordinates. Objects we can re-observe once their function has changed, spaces generating meandering lines that remove the very place from any immobility, personages enclosed in concrete worlds in order to escape from them and people who roam the brittle frontier between reality and representation. Everything is real, and everything can become.

only in german

Kurator: Marti Manen

Künstler: Mats Adelman, David Bestue / Marc Vives, Markus Degerman, Sofia Hulten, Zilla Leutenegger, Santiago Vich