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They paint, draw, sew, perform, play music and work with wood. The nine artists behind the exhibitionHouse in my Head have chosen different materials and a different approach to their working processes than artists of the previous generation. They represent a tendency which deals with the personal narrative, the private sphere, the handmade, and the influence of signature; a tendency which left its mark on art of the 00's.

The works of House in my Head take the artists' own worlds as their starting points. The works operate as small universes based on a personal narrative of thoughts and ideas which take place in the artist's mind, or they relate to something which, on the face of it, seems private. This can be seen when Joan Linder meticulously draws her parents' messy basement, depicting everything from tinned food to fishing tackle; when Gudrun Hasle produces a video work about her own unhappy love story; and when Tracey Snelling finds inspiration from the houses in her area, creating small tableaus reminiscent of dolls' houses in which minor actions and stories are acted out.

The nine artists have given priority to the choice of materials and form, with focus on the creative artist's unique insight and outlook. However, the artists do not romantically adhere to the idea of 'the creative genius'. The recent return to a subjective starting point is attended by the consciousness that this is a reliable and marketable strategy in contemporary art.

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House in my Head
Kurator: Marie Dufresne
Künstler: Michael Dumontier & Neil Farber, Gudrun Hasle, Klara Kristalova, Joan Linder, Jonathan Pylypchuk, Tracey Snelling, Hartmut Stockter