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Love’s fragility and unpredictability leads to numerous unanswered questions, unresolved issues and unbearable sadness. After all, to lose love is the greatest loss for which there is no consolation. What does one experience when a relationship ends?

This exhibition explores key elements of the human condition during and after the break-up. Facing and living through the ending of a relationship is one of the most powerful experiences, and the pain of the loss of love, of that ‘death’ is one of the most intense and severe pains one is to suffer. Comprehending the complexity of the break-up is too difficult and unbearable for a tormented broken heart however one always seeks to understand it and to mourn it in order to finally accept it, release it and move on.

Ultimately, artworks chosen for ‘I Wish You Well’ identify the notions of one’s experience and one’s emotional state during the stage of the last ‘good-bye’.

The exhibition includes the renowned video ‘I’m Too Sad To Tell You’ (1971), by Bas Jan Ader, a highly acclaimed conceptual Dutch artist, whose work dealt with notions of failure and sadness, among other compelling subjects. Swiss/French artist Geraldine Gliubislavich will be presenting a painting created specifically for the exhibition. Composed in artist’s tradition, the painting delicately merges elements of tension and sensuality. British artist Jeanine Woollard shows a sculptural work which adds a symbolic touch to the subject of the broken heart. Artist’s references to mythology manifest in the visual representation of one’s personal battle between the good and the evil. A series of drawings by British artist Emma Talbot gently depict the fragile state of loneliness and sorrow that occupies one’s daily life. Ultimately, the series tells a story of one’s weeping solitude. London-based artist Hayden Kays will be presenting a series of prints that fuse tragic melancholy with uncompromising honesty. Whether it is one’s attempt to bring back the loved one and start over or a hesitant effort to say ‘good-bye’ and find closure, one never knows.

British artist Simon English who combines both painting and drawing in his work presents a charming composition of bits and pieces of one’s past experience. The artwork visually echoes one’s fragmented trip ‘down the memory lane’: some fragments are meant to be distorted, (and) some will never be forgotten. British filmmaker Michael Tamman will be displaying a short film, adapted from Sarah Kane’s play ‘Crave’. The dialogue between a man and a woman in the video confronts one with the universal subjects of miscommunication, painful separation and romantic rejection.

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I Wish You Well
Kurator: Anny Baranova

Künstler: Bas Jan Ader, Simon English, Geraldine Gliubislavich, Hayden Kays, Emma Talbot, Michael Tamman, Jeanine Woollard