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From May 21 until July 2, 2011, Voorkamer will be presenting “in- and outside - writing”, an exhibition exploring the area when writing and drawing are most closely related. At the centre of this exhibition is the OPAK research project of the same name, undertaken by the artists Kelly Chorpening, Rebecca Fortnum, Peter Morrens and Ans Nys, a joint venture between Sint-Lucas Fine Arts Ghent and University of the Arts London. During several sessions in the UK and Belgium, and via continuous correspondence of drawings, they have collaborated intensely over the past year. The exhibition will be co-curated by Voorkamer/Morrens & De Boe Productions and Marc Nagtzaam. Each of them complete the exhibition with a selection of relevant works. The research project will culminate with two publications later this year: an artists’ book, published by RGAP (UK), and a OPAK cahier, published by ACCO.

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In- and outside - writing
Kuratoren: Kelly Chorpening, Rebecca Fortnum, Peter Morrens, Ans Nys, Marc Nagtzaam

Künstler: Joe Amrhein, Kasper Andreasen, Maria Barnas, Simon Benson, David Blackmore, Beni Bischof, Sonia Boyce, James Brooks, Ryan Brown, Pavel Büchler, Kenny Callens, Paul Casaer, Kelly Chorpening, Geert Clarisse, Klaus Compagnie, Wouter Coolens, Vaast Colson, Anne Daems, Rik de Boe, Thierry de Cordier, Voebe de Gruyter, Johan de Wilde, Reinhard Doubrawa, Sacha Eckes, Fred Eerdekens, Rachel E. Foster, Ilse Ermen, Benoit Felix, Rebecca Fortnum, Christoph Fink, Joe Hardesty, Ane Mette Hol, Toine Horvers, Dean Hughes, Adam Humphries, Hiroko Ichihara, Susan Johanknecht, David Kramer, Werner Mannaers, Norma Markley, Bert Mebius, Tine Melzer, Patrick Merckaert, Louisa Minkin, Carlo Mistiaen, Peter Morrens, Anna Mossman, Marc Nagtzaam, Rupert Norfolk, Ans Nys, Alice O´Hanlon, Serge Onnen, Pol Pierart, William Powhida, Guy Richards Smit, Steve Roden, Guy Rombouts, Wilhelm Sasnal, Armand Schulthess, Rosalie Schweiker, Kate Scrivener, Frank Selby, Patricia Smith, Lore Smolders, Deb Sokolow, Molly Springfield, Katrin Stroböl, Walter Swennen, Ante Timmermans, Jim Torok, Cody Trepte, Philippe Vandenberg, Stephan van den Burg, Rinus Van de Velde, Reinaart Vanhoe, Marcel van Eeden, Marijn van Kreij, Dries Warlop, Melvin Way, Ofer Wolberger, Stephane Querrec