press release

Opening: Wednesday, March 17, 6 to 8 pm

Goods in transit, cash in transit, loss in transit, or simply transit – passage, crossing, transition, traverse. “In transit”—that is, on the road, underway: from here to there, with a clear objective, with a destination in mind. For Rotwand, this means a last stop at the old location before setting off, before the next step is taken and the new gallery opens. A last stop at Rotwandstrasse 53 with all the artists who have exhibited at Rotwand and who will set out with us towards into the future.

Before taking this big step, the gallery will be completely turned on its head and a halfway realm installed. For the visitor a journey of discovery will open up on several levels through wondrous, small works, through a stack of undiscovered excitements, of hidden secrets that now step into the limelight with pride. The exhibition will reverse the gallery’s worlds: backstage will be front man; back office will be the cover girl. The backdrop curtain will be raised and the view into a treasure trove revealed.

Rotwand has established itself in name and showplace and is on the move, around the corner, into new rooms that will enhance the charm and the profile of the gallery even more. Walk down this road with us. But first one last look at Rotwandstrasse 53! And then …. (to be continued).

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Künstler: Marianne Engel, Klodin Erb, Sandra Gamarra, Tatjana Gerhard, Clare Goodwin, Tom Huber, William Hunt, Hannu Karjalainen, Constantin Luser, Klaus Lutz, Thomas Müllenbach, Danica Phelps, Chloe Piene, Filib Schürmann, Chiharu Shiota, Nina Weber