press release

Intelligence launches New British Art, a series of contemporary exhibitions to be held every three years at Tate Britain. Introducing some of the best new and recent British art to a wider audience, its aim is to present different perspectives on current developments.

The idea for Intelligence arose from many studio visits and discussions with artists. Dialogue and conversation, not only in the making of a work of art, but also between art and its audience, lies at the heart of this exhibition.

Intelligence is a shared human faculty. It implies research, reconnaissance and analysis, but it may also be raw, emotional and creative. It denotes both information gathering and the processing of information into something new. Many artists today can be seen as intelligence agents at large in society, gathering and transforming the raw data of our life, critically examining our environment, the way we live and our relations with each other. For such artists, the impact and significance of art lies in how it might enable us to think and feel differently about the world, which is why much of their work appears open-ended or ambiguous.

The idea that a work of art might be completed in the mind of the viewer has been recognised at least since the eighteenth century. Building on conceptual art and its successors since the early 1960s, the artists in this exhibition invite the viewer to rethink the familiar world and imagine other possibilities.

Virginia Button, Tate Britain and Charles Esche, curator and writer, Edinburgh Curators of Intelligence: New British Art 2000


Oladélé Ajiboyé Bamgboyé Michael Craig-Martin Martin Creed Tacita Dean Jeremy Deller And Alan Kane William Furlong Liam Gillick Douglas Gordon Graham Gussin Susan Hiller Jaki Irvine Alan Johnston Mark Lewis Hilary Lloyd Brighid Lowe Sarah Lucas Julian Opie Yinka Shonibare Bob And Roberta Smith Gillian Wearing Richard Wright

Intelligence: New British Art 2000
Kuratoren: Virginia Button, Charles Esche

Künstler: Oladele Ajiboye Bamgboye, Michael Craig-Martin, Martin Creed, Tacita Dean, Jeremy Deller And Alan Kane, William Furlong, Liam Gillick, Douglas Gordon, Graham Gussin, Susan Hiller, Jaki Irvine, Alan Johnston, Mark Lewis, Hilary Lloyd, Brighid Lowe, Sarah Lucas, Julian Opie, Yinka Shonibare, Bob & Roberta Smith, Gillian Wearing, Richard Wright