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STILL / MOVING / STILL is the main exhibition of the festival. This exhibition aims to initiate a debate on the history and contemporary status of slide projection. Slides are well known to a large number of people, particularly within family circles. Millions of people can recall watching slide presentations in a private setting, typically holiday snaps or the family history. Through the development of digital imagery and the digital “slideshow” on the computer, slide projection has since been in rapid decline. Today, we look back on slide projection and the surviving images with a certain sense of nostalgia.

Over the past 20 years, there has been considerable debate about the roll of projected images in museums. ‘The image’ has been strongly influenced by experimental film, cinematographic installations, digital photography and light boxes. Within this context, one medium has so far escaped the attention of theoretical inquiry, namely that of slide projection.

This historic dimension, together with the resurrection of a contemporary following has made this exhibition not only a stimulating but also very necessary exercise. That it should take place in Knokke-Heist, a place which has also played an important role in the history of the photographic and cinematic image, offers an extra dimension to this exhibition. The collaboration between the curator and Knokke-Heist was the occasion for a rarely seen dynamic in Europe with respect to a medium that has received little attention until now.

Participating artists: Dan Graham, Mary Lucier, Anthony Mc Call, Dennis Oppenheim, Lothar Baumgarten, Mischa Kuball, Billy Sullivan, Peter Downsbrough, Andrea Geyer, Ceal Floyer, Markus Wirthmann, Liam Gillick, Jonathan Monk, Cerith Wyn Evans, Pablo Pijnappel, Sofie Thorsen, Simon Dybbroe Moller, Pierre Bismuth, Tamar Guimares, Maria Garcia Torres, Joachim Koester, David Bunn, Christoph Draeger, Lisa Tan, David Blamey, Shumona Goel, Wolfgang Plöger, Florian Zeyfang, Hilary Lloyd, and others.

Marc Gloede is the curator of STILL / MOVING / STILL. He is a film scholar, independent curator and critic. He has curated numerous exhibitions and film series on topics of the projected image, film + architecture. film + art, such as, “Andy Warhol: A factory” (Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg/Arsenal) and “The Art of Projection” at the Museum Hamburger Bahnhof. Since 2001 he has been the Co-Director of the Wild Walls Film Festival (Berlin, Los Angeles, London, and New York). He is the curator for the Art Basel film program, has been invited curator for the Experimenta Festival 2007 in Mumbai/Bangalore, India, and curated the film program at The J. Paul Getty Museum, LA, for the exhibition,”Please Be Seated”, 2008. He is widely published in his field and is a regular contributor for Art in America.

Location: Laguna Hall Duinbergen / Krommedijk 57 / 8300 Duinbergen

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International Photo Festival Knokke-Heist

Kurator: Marc Gloede

Künstler: Robert Barry, Lothar Baumgarten, David Blamey, Marcel Broodthaers, Matthew Buckingham, David Bunn, Daniela Comani, Peter Downsbrough, Cerith Wyn Evans, Ceal Floyer, Andrea Geyer, Liam Gillick, Shumona Goel, Dan Graham, Tamar Guimaraes, Mischa Kuball, Hilary Lloyd, Mary Lucier, Anthony McCall, Simon Dybbroe Moller, Jonathan Monk, Dennis Oppenheim, Pablo Pijnappel, Wolfgang Plöger, Erik Schmidt, Billy Sullivan, Lisa Tan, Sofie Thorsen, Markus Wirthmann, Florian Zeyfang