press release

OPENING Wednesday 23rd May 6 – 9pm INVISIBLE MEND at Lounge, 28 Shacklewell Lane, London, E8 2EZ

Since the beginning of the twentieth century artists making moving images have exploited industrial cinema as ‘found’ images to be reinterpreted, manipulated and represented as art. Invisible Mend, a group show of mainly young artists, presents a collection of works that seem to strategise in a similar way while actually drawing their material from radically different sources, simulating the look of the ‘found’ or exploring as much a set of radical (over) identifications with their subjects as a set of formal, political or historical questions. The works vary wildly in their aesthetics but what they have in common is an exploitation of the invisible: refutations of the permissible in the name of personal or political expression, a rewriting of history and to travel through time and space, through imaginary forays against and within dominant culture, escaping into new landscapes of desire. Criticality is manifested through an ebullience that replaces strict analysis with intuition, an interplay of emotional registers and often a disarming sense of celebration. As well as the exhibition at Lounge, Invisible Mend extends into a series of events throughout June. Invisible Mend is curated by Ian White and LUX.

only in german

Kurator: Ian White

mit Chrissy Coscioni, VALIE EXPORT, Emma Hart & Benedict Drew, Jasmina
Fekovic, Ursula Mayer, James Richards, Jonty Semper, Elizabeth Subrin