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Manzara Perspectives is happy to present the project "Istanbul Time Travel Experiment - Speaking with the unconscious social mind” by Hörner / Antlfinger."

The project was made possible through the support of the Visual Arts Program, Istanbul 2010, European Capital of Culture and the Kardirga Art Production Center.

"In fact, the discovery process started at a place like this one: That place looks like it has the structural characteristics of a tower. It’s as if there are two worlds and Istanbul has like a spiral that joins these two worlds together. I even feel as if there is a channel that stretches all the way from Istanbul’s surface to the centre of the earth.“ Çiğdem Zeytin, participant

Time travels are thought experiments. In thought experiments, situations are constructed which in reality can not be established, or only under great difficulties.

Milton H. Erickson, constructivist and founder of the hypnotherapy, used mental time travel to evoke images from the past, but also to integrate new images and perceptions in order to develop visions of a possible self in the future.

Expanding Erickson's approach - from the possible self to the possible self in a possible city – the artist couple Hörner / Antlfinger is going on mental time travels through cities that are characterized by strong transformations. With a group of residents of Istanbul, under the guidance of a therapist of the Milton Erickson Institute, they visited the city in its past, present and future, to create in this way very individual images of a changing city in the consciousness flow of their inhabitants.

The participant group was composed of people of different ages and occupations / social origin who are living in different parts of Istanbul on the European, the Asian side and on the Princes Islands. Parallel to them, also a smaller group of foreigners living in Istanbul for some time went on time travel. The exhibition shows drawings, sound recordings and videos to document the internal images developed thereby.

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Hörner|Antlfinger have been an artist couple since the early 1990s. In their retro futuristic practice, they combine ancient technologies of consciousness with new media and juxtapose personal visions with their collective counterpart. Both artists teach at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne. Selection of recent exhibitions: FUTURITY NOW! transmediale 10, Berlin (2010), Bilder in Bewegung, Künstler & Video_Film, Museum Ludwig, Köln (2010), Heavy Matter, ISEA, Dortmund (2010), Videonale 12 Kunstmusem Bonn (2009), video_dumbo, Dumbo Arts Center, New York (2009).

Istanbul 2010, European Capital of Culture
Visual Arts Projects:

Istanbul Time Travel Experiment
speaking with the unconscious social mind
Hörner / Antlfinger
Kuratoren: Beral Madra, Kristina Karmer