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Jadé Fadojutimi: Yet, Another Pathetic Fallacy

November 30, 2021–April 17, 2022

The first solo museum presentation for this fresh voice in painting, Yet, Another Pathetic Fallacy by Jadé Fadojutimi features a suite of new, layered large-scale paintings created for the exhibition, alongside a range of existing works—providing a comprehensive snapshot of the artist’s trajectory to date. Representative of a new generation that is reinvigorating abstraction, Fadojutimi cites and updates the key art historical elements of the 20th century—grids, webs, transparency and layering, and the mixing of disparate kinds of mark-making—to suggest processes or elements that are in exalted search for their final forms, blossoming, or in movement. Her complex images, which use a surprising and electric color palette, can suggest plants and garlands, microscopic activity, marine landscapes, or stained-glass windows, lingering at the cusp of abstraction and figuration, landscape and object.