press release

Editions 2021
Anna Bart, Aleana Egan, Irina Gheorghe

In dialogue with a selection of still available editions by:

Bob Braine & Leslie C. Reed, Christiane Gruber, Tobias Heine, Sofia Hultén, Nadira Husain, Daniel Rossi, Anne Speier, Ingo Vetter

As a prologue to the 30th anniversary of the Künstlerhaus Bremen in 2022, the Künstlerhaus presents a selection of editions and unique works from the years since 2008. The presentation in the gallery is curated in collaboration with students from Radek Krolczyk's professionalization seminar at the University of Arts Bremen. Under the exhibition title Biometrische Formen, the Jahresgaben (editions) 2021 by Anna Bart, Aleana Egan und Irina Gheorghe are used as a curatorial starting point to formally, colorfully and materially challenge and invite unconventional arrangements of the presentation. The exhibition shows the relationship of form and liveliness and explores connections between surfaces and emotions.
With the purchase of a work you support the exhibiting artists, as well as the Künstlerhaus and its commitment to Bremen artists. The sales share of the Künstlerhaus goes directly into a publication celebrating the 30th anniversary. We would be happy if you would support the artists and our anniversary publication by purchasing a Jahresgabe (edition).

Curatorial Team: Anna Blahaut, Léon Berger, Edson Colon, Anastasiia Guzenkova, Ursula Kalinowska, Yeosulme Kang, Radek Krolczyks, Mi-el Kwak, Robin Lütolf, Atsushi Mannami, Shoji Matsumoto, Keita Morita, Nadja Quante