press release

The Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art (iMOCA) is proud to announce Peripheral View: New Installations by Jamie Pawlus and Ryan Wolfe. This exhibition will include interior and exterior site-specific installations by Jamie Pawlus (Indianapolis) and Ryan Wolfe (San Francisco). Pawlus and Wolfe transform both man-made and natural landscapes causing the viewer to become more aware of their everyday surroundings.

Pawlus's work involves the creation of conceptually based site-specific installations. Much of this work is expressed through a public vernacular; made with the same industrial grade sign materials used for public communication. The literal and visual imagery of her works are individual antidotes and anecdotal expressions of personal experiences. For this exhibition, Pawlus has created both interior and exterior installations, and celebrates, along with the Arts Council of Indianapolis, the debut of her new installation on Massachusetts Avenue.

Wolfe's work explores the idea that a memorable time, place or experience can be condensed in a singular, physical object that embodies the essential qualities of that experience. For Peripheral View, Wolfe will transform the north gallery into a simulated and computerized field of grass that encapsulates the experience of watching the rise and fall of a summer breeze across a field.


Peripheral View:
New Installations by Jamie Pawlus and Ryan Wolfe