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Fifth Day makes its entry into Martin Asbæk Projects with the current show by Danish artist Jesper Carlsen (b. 1977). He focuses on the animal world in works of video and animation.

According to Genesis all the species of animal were created on the Fifth day. Jesper Carlsen catches a hold on "the big beginning" by registering the behaviour of ants, spiders, moths etc. His perspective resembles that of ornithologists.

The animals offer an opportunity to study life from its smallest component but more importantly they reflect the way we humans percept and divide Nature into different categories.

When we see animals in "wrong" places we react. For instance when discovering ants indoor. Jesper Carlsen's videos and animations explore the instinctive decoding of our surroundings. In this sense his work unfolds a theme about human perception and the semiotic systems we navigate by.

In Carlsen's animated works the beholder initially discovers that the spider on the wall is not a real spider but a projection of a spider. Next step is to realize that the spider is an animation.

His videos work differently. Here the constructive element seems less obvious in the beginning. For instance in the work "Gulls" where the beholder is led to believe that the gulls in a park are in fact doing the same dancing movements synchronically over and over again. Finally it becomes evident that the same gull has been copied and pasted.


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Jesper Carlsen