press release

11.11.2017 - 07.01.2018

Surface Encounters is the title of Jesper Carlsen’s first major solo exhibition at a Danish art institution. Over the years, the artist has focused on how the digital affects the way we visualise and grasp the world around us. In the exhibition at Overgaden, he presents a series of new works that try to conceive the digital as a traditional artistic medium, which ­– like photography and sculpture – deals with the representation of surface and substance in space. Through the use of 3D and animation, the works simulate the reproduction of tangible materials and objects that in spite of a sense of gravity and structure are pure virtual creations. With this deception of the senses, Jesper Carlsen brings attention to how the digital aesthetics and logic is manifested – and on whether this logic can bring about a new awareness in the encounter with our physical environment.