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The solo exhibition dedicated to Jiří Kolář, Czech poet and artist internationally known thanks to his collages, includes 99 works and is intended as a homage to the artist's activity through a survey on the most relevant collages realised between the 1950s and the end of the 1970s.

Kolář treated the collage technique as a scientific matter, listing in his Dictionary of Methods a sort of lexicon of all the techniques he invented and used, that will be on show: anticollage, hole collages, tactile and narrative collages, perforated poems (in colour, with knots and razor blades), rollage, crumplage, ventillages. Or the renowned chiasmage, fragments of images or texts – in Latin alphabet, Hebrew, gothic, Arab, and Chinese ideograms that Kolář took from different sources (like the Larousse dictionary, the Bible, the Koran, star atlases, scores, train timetables etc.) and the crazygrams, made by the lines traced by an encephalogram.

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Jirí Kolár
99 Collages
Kuratoren: Giacinto Di Pietrantonio, Helena Kontova